• 15 years of Experience

    Ilkim Kimya continues to serve its customers with 15 years of experience.
  • Mass Production

    Our advanced production system allows our customers to offer advantageous delivery time.
  • Textile Chemicals

    Ilkim Kimya is among the leading firms in the chemical sector.

İlkim Kimya

Ilkim Kimya serves with its specialist staff in chemical product trade and distribution.

R&D Activities

The most accurate and newest service thanks to our dedicated team and equipment.


Our Factories

Special service with our logistics advantage thanks to our stragetic investments.


Special Manufacturing to Our Customers

Accurate and new product according to the special requests of our customers.


Various Of Products

Ilkim Kimya gives supplier serves many different sectors as a service manufacturer, aware of its contribution to the quality reflected in its final products.

The Main Chemicals

Acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, sodium metabisulphite, liquid caustic and
various chemicals.


Auxiliary Chemicals

Dispersants, washing soaps, antipilling enzymes, esterquat softener
and various chemicals.



Ilkim Kimya is a company that has kept pace with the changing and developing technology of our country in the textile auxiliary
chemicals sector for 15 years, constantly
renewing itself.

Whatever the sector you serve, whatever the way your working conditions are regulated, we believe that if you want to be successful in that area, you must work in a disciplined way within the framework of certain programs.